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  • Which Handbag Shall I Wear with My Pen?

    Whilst most ladies will decide which handbag to wear with their outfit, being pen addicts we like the idea of choosing a handbag to match the pen. So we have decided to put together some stylish combinations. "Having things written is good for putting
    things/ideas into perspective. Keeping a pen and notebook in your handbag is always a good idea. The attention to little details always count and the unique idea of matching your pen and notebook to your favourite handbag definitely gives a few extra…
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  • Top 10 stationery from the 80's & 90's

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    image source: Pinterest With new technical gadgets introduced every month, we are taking a moment to celebrate truly iconic retro stationery by introducing a top ten list of the best items from the 80s and 90s from sweet-smelling rubbers to feather pens. 1.
    Parker pens - You wrote with PENS (shock horror!). More specifically? A Parker fountain pen. Owning a Parker was a sign of status in the 80s/90s; every cool kid had one and every other kid wanted one. Still a big-seller, we have a whole range…
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