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  • A Valentines Text Just Isn’t the Same

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    Can a Valentines text capture the same romantic gesture as a handwritten Valentines card? Can the digital replicate the romance of a handcrafted love note? At Pen Heaven we are always pondering the increased usage of digital communication at the expense
    of handwriting, and we believe both have their place. But when it comes to matters of the heart, the handwritten always wins. We asked some die hard romantics their opinion. The Anticipation  “I am a huge fan of the written word. I love stationary,…
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  • Inside Our Secret Diaries

    Do you remember locking your bedroom door to write top secret thoughts in your diary? Does it make you cringe when you think of your angst ridden musings or detailed accounts of a latest crush? As we get older we tend to discard the diary as a tool
    to record our daily thoughts, but looking back on our entries (if we can bear to look at them) it can be extremely thought provoking, cathartic and entertaining. We asked a whole array of high profile bloggers and journalists from places like Vogue…
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