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  • The Write Stuff for Left Handers

    Smudging, scratchy letters and covered up writing are some of the problems we hear from left handers about their handwriting. Whilst many lefties have developed techniques to alleviate these issues, it can often cause writing strain. Since about 11% of
    the UK population are left handers, we felt it was time to offer some tips and advice.  Essentially there are two solutions; adopting the correct writing position and choosing the correct pen. Adopt a Good Writing Position As a lefty, you push rather…
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  • Fountain Pen Nib Width Comparison

    Picking fountain pens can be confusing. Selecting the correct fountain pen nib width for your preference and style of hand writing even more so. What makes it even more confusing is that there is no standard. Nib widths and the corresponding width of the
    writing line vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even across continents. As a rule of thumb nibs made in the Asia will have a finer writing point than American made nibs which in turn will have a finer writing point than nibs made in Europe. If…
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