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  • Behind every successful person is a notebook full of ideas

    When it comes to giving out business tips, Richard Branson knows his stuff. And one of the founder of Virgin Group’s key recommendations is to use a notebook to keep track of goals, stay organised and jot down ideas. He says: “Anyone who aspires
    to lead a company must develop a habit of taking notes. I carry a notebook everywhere I go.” Pen Heaven’s Handwriting Matters campaign aims to highlight the importance of putting pen to paper and writing by hand. And it seems that writing in a…
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  • Handwritten letters which made history

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    Letters have been playing a crucial part in history for thousands of years. The first ever handwritten letter was thought to have been sent by the Persian Queen Atossa in around 500 BC, according to the ancient historian Hellanicus. Their popularity
    as a way of sending messages grew as more people became literate. Although electronic forms of communication have now largely taken over from the handwritten letter, it still holds a place close to our hearts. Research carried out by Pen Heaven found…
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  • Why Handwriting Matters to Us - The Exclusive Interviews

    Writing by hand is a deeply personal act and means different things to different people. As part of our Handwriting Matters campaign, Pen Heaven spoke to various authors, artists, journalists, teachers, celebrities about why handwriting mattered to
    them. Author, screenwriter and video game designer Jordan Mechner is best known for creating the highly successful game franchise Prince of Persia, which he later helped adapt into a feature film. In 2013, his graphic novel Templar became a bestseller…
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  • Pen Heaven’s Handwriting Matters survey: The results revealed

    As part of the Handwriting Matters campaign to highlight the importance of putting pen to paper, Pen Heaven has quizzed 400 people in the UK about their handwriting habits. With so many gadgets making it possible to make notes or send messages without
    ever picking up a pen or pencil, there is a risk that people’s handwriting skills may be becoming a little rusty. Key Findings "Almost one in three people think their handwriting is terrible or needs improvement." "Men think their handwriting is…
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  • Play Our Pen Finder Game

    We have developed a short game for you to play, profiling your personality in 5 short questions, and then suggesting to you the pen brand we think is the best fit. Questions
    are simple multiple choice and are designed to get to the heart of your pen buying needs. Have a go and let us know which brand you are most likely to buy.…
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  • Why I’ll never give up my notebook and pen

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    Catherine Ball is a freelance journalist and copywriter with more than 10 years’ experience working for regional daily newspapers in the UK. As part of Pen Heaven’s Handwriting Matters campaign, she explains why she’ll never swap pen and paper for
    modern technology. For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed writing. I love the feel of putting pen to paper and making a lasting mark. For me writing isn’t just about conveying ideas, I enjoy the physical act of getting my thoughts out of…
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  • Which Pen Brand is For You?

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    What makes the brands different? Why choose Worther? What’s so great about Parker? Is Sheaffer better than Cross? You go to buy a pen and unless you’re a real stationary buff it can all get a bit confusing. You think to yourself: ‘What makes the
    brands different?’ Or ‘I really want a great mechanical pencil. Which brand does those?’ Or ‘There’s just too many choices!!’ Here at Pen Heaven we wanted to impart some wisdom and ease that pain. Take our quiz and find out which brand…
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  • Pen Heaven launches Handwriting Matters campaign

    Putting pen to paper is a personal act thought to boost both creativity and memory. But with so many people choosing to use electronic devices to take notes and send messages, it seems writing by hand is at risk of becoming extinct. This is why Pen Heaven
    is launching a new campaign called "Handwriting Matters", calling on people to take a moment to put away their smartphone, laptop or tablet and write by hand instead. Here at Pen Heaven, we believe there is nothing more wonderful than using a pen…
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