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  • Has the UK Lost its Inner Bridget Jones?

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    For some the ritual of writing in a diary is as common place as getting dressed in the mornings or singing carols at Christmas, but has the UK lost its love affair with writing in a diary? With the preponderance of Twitter, blogs, vlogs, smart-phones et
    al, have we simply forgotten the value of the Diary? Pen Heaven Survey Results: Does the UK still keep a Diary? We surveyed 500 people from across United Kingdom, to find out their diary writing habits, and the outcome was a shock to all.    Men…
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  • Interview with Alison Carmichael - Handlettering Artist

    There's a Good Girl Exhibition Piece The art of handlettering is still alive and well. In fact, it has been going through a bit of a resurgence following the prepoderance of digital typography. Even the big brands are approaching the handlettering artist
    to bring more personality and warmth to their branding. We have been following this trend for a while, and have discovered a wonderful artist called Alison Carmichael who we were very lucky to interview about her work and career. Alison has been…
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  • Love your Workstation?

    How do you arrange your workspace? Do you work best in your very own blend of organised chaos, or are you a bit of a neat freak (a la Monica from Friends)? We asked eight bloggers to take a photograph of their own workstation, in our ‘Where do you Blog
    from’ competition. Whilst most agreed on the absolute essentials, a cup of coffee and notebook, the rest was up for grabs. Winner: Satchels and Pearls  We are delighted to announce Michelle at Satchels & Pearls as our deserved winner. We…
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