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  • Writer's Challenge: Combating the Cliche

    Whether it be in prose writing, film and TV or even casual daily conversation, clichés litter our cultural landscape like a tall pile of papers battling a strong gust of wind. Most clichés however, never set out to be such an irritation, innocently
    beginning life as smart remarks that later became victims of their own success. Here at Pen Heaven we wouldn’t be seen dead using a cliché… ahem.  Today we take a look at the origins of ten clichés, and invite some of the net’s best writing…
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  • How Art Deco Influenced Cross Pens

    Shiny metallic surfaces, aerodynamic lines and geometric patterns are the hallmarks of Art Deco design, which can also be said about Cross Pens . In fact, An Art Deco pen was developed by Cross in 1938 (and went on sale in Bonhams recently for £1300
    - £1900). Replicas of these pens were issued in 1996 to celebrate Cross's 150th anniversary (see image below). By showing the similarities between archetypal 'Deco' design and perennial Cross pens, we get a good sense of the influence Art Deco…
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  • An Interview with Conor Collins - Winner of #InkToWin Competition

    Conor's winning entry Conor Collins won our #InkToWin competition with a wonderfully creative and personal artwork. Conor described his entry as, ‘a word painting created using thousands of journal entries marking from the day my heart broke to
    the day I recovered. Some entries are funny, some sad but all are honest entries about what I thought and felt.’   Conor has developed a unique and engaging approach to portraiture, receiving interest in his work through the power of social media…
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  • Christmas Craft Tips: Send A Handmade Card This Year!

    Christmas time is here once again, which means it’s time to get in touch with your friends and family to wish them all the best for the festive season. Why not make things extra special by adding a personal touch and sending them a handmade card? It’s
    easier than you think and you don’t need to splash out too much cash to put a new twist on an annual tradition. To help you out with some ideas we asked some of the best craft bloggers around for their tips and tricks to create great cards this…
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  • Stationery Bloggers Review of 2014

    From Montblanc to Sailor Inks and Kaweco to Pelikan, as the year draws to a close Pen Heaven talks with some of the most prolific pen bloggers to see what got them scribbling over the last 12 months.  Jennifer of on The Montblanc
    Boheme Fountain Pen: My favourite fountain pen this year is the Montblanc Boheme. Sure, my second runner up recently, the Aurora 88, is more of a “writer’s” fountain pen, but it’s hard to one-up the Boheme. It’s just the coolest, most…
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