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  • Graphology with Elaine Quigley: History's Six Most Evil Scrawls

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       It’s said that a person’s handwriting is a window to their soul. In their loops and curves and the spaces between their letters lie clues their predilections, their deviances, their secrets and sins. We’re talking, of course, about the science
    of graphology, at which Elaine Quigley is one of the world’s leading practitioners – not to mention a Jack the Ripper expert. To mark the spookiest time of year, Elaine has kindly agreed to help us out with an appropriately grisly Pen Heaven…
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  • Lamy: A Pen is Born

    Lamy's headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. Photo credit @ Wikipedia. German manufacturing is synonymous with reliability and exacting standards of quality control – and Lamy is no exception. Since founding in 1930, they’ve become one of the world’s
    leading pen brands. Customers value their pens for comfort, affordability and functionality, whilst awards organisations have handed down countless accolades for their bold, Bauhaus-inspired designs. We’ve compiled this article to show the…
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  • Art Competition: #InkToWin a Platinum Fountain Pen worth £2,000!

       To mark the launch of Platinum Mix Free Inks, Pen Heaven is hosting an art competition. Simply create a piece of artwork in ink, upload a photo and you're in with a chance to win a handmade Platinum fountain pen worth £2,000! Seeking inspiration?
    Scroll down to find a example entries from some of our bloggers... // Seeking Inspiration?  James Mayhew will be co-judging the competition, and came up with this inspirational piece to help get your creative cogs whirring. We sent some Platinum…
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  • Fountain Pens: Teachers Take the #BackToBasics Challenge

    Here at Pen Heaven, we’ve always believed there’s no such thing as too many pens. Our own stationery drawer is packed full of endless variations on ballpoints, rollerballs, pencils and fountain pens, ink types galore, more refill systems than you
    can shake a BIC at and that’s before we even get started on multifunctions. But it wasn’t so long ago that fountain pens were the be-all and end-all. So we asked the question: can you go back to basics and stick to just one fountain pen for a…
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  • Illustration: An Interview with Catherine Rayner

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    Here at Pen Heaven, we're fascinated by the relationship between images and words - so who  better for us to speak to than Catherine Rayner. She's a successful children's author and illustrator, and her lively, emotive images of animals are shown
    in galleries all over the world.  We spoke to her to find out more about her techniques, her inspiration and her career. How did you first get into illustration? I’ve been illustrating since the age of four, apparently! I grew up in a house full…
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