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  • Is Handwriting Under Threat in British Schools?

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    So iPads are taking over and kids today can no more hold a pen than milk a cow. At least, that’s what some would have you believe. There’s no shortage of articles deploring the worsening state of children’s handwriting, blaming “growing reliance
    on computers and poor teaching." Meanwhile, as we read news from America about the removal of cursive handwriting as a mandatory requirement for schools, one could be forgiven for thinking that the end is nigh for the pen as an educational tool. But…
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  • Success Story: The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

    Here’s a little insider information for you: in the case of almost every pen range on sale at Pen Heaven, ballpoints outsell fountain pens by a ratio of around 2/1 - with one exception. Despite being a tad more expensive than the ballpoint and requiring
    a little more maintenance, the Lamy Safari fountain pen has managed to buck that trend. But just why has it been successful? We did a little digging and this is what we found… Back To School! A lot of schools insist on fountain pens because…
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