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  • Attention all Geeks: Win a Fisher Space Pen.

    To celebrate Geekweek we're hosting a contest with the winner receiving an engraved Fisher Space Pen - the astronaut's pen of choice! The Fisher Space Bullet Pen will write in all conditions: zero gravity, upside down, freezing (-20ºC), extreme heat
    (+200ºC), underwater, in rain, and over grease. No wonder both NASA and the Russian Space Program used it in their space missions. The rules are simple: Log into your twitter account Retweet this post (click here to see it) Reply to the same post…
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  • Winners of the Pen A Story announced.

    Pen Heaven is proud to announce that the winner of the Pen A Story competition was Luke Cavanaugh. Luke receives a personalised Lamy Studio fountain pen and a Da Vinci journal, which we are confident he will put to good use furthering his extraordinary writing
    talent. Congratulations Luke, we're all waiting impatiently to read your first novel! Luke's winning story: I picked up the pen and remembered what the old man who gave it to me had said: Whatever you write will come true, so use this pen carefully.…
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