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  • A History of Lamy

    // We recently compiled an interactive timeline of the history of the Lamy Pen Company, with details from its inception to present day. Browse through to learn how Dr Lamy launched the company
    and when iconic writing instruments such as the Lamy Safari and Lamy 2000 were launched. Click the markers to jump to significant milestones or scroll through at your own pace. Enjoy! …
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  • Platinum 3776 Slip & Seal Fountain Pen Review

    It was with a great deal of anticipation that I was handed my brand new Platinum #3776 Century Pen to review to my heart’s content. Not only that, I was asked if it could accompany me on my recent trip to Norway where I was due to make my fledgling first
    steps cross-country skiing. You might wonder why I should be taking a pen with me on holiday? Fair question and yes, I do have friends! The reason being is that Platinum have recently launched a pen that can be safely taken on board an aircraft…
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