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  • Diamond Jubilee Competition - win x 2 journals!

    You might remember that a few weeks ago we launched our Limited Edition Diamond Jubilee Leather Journal. We were so encouraged by the response they've received that we decided to send one to the Queen! Can you imagine our surprise, when a few weeks
    later we received this response from Buckingham Palace in which they stated how delighted they were with our gift, support and loyalty and to top it all off, it was personally signed by Her Majesty’s lady-in-waiting, Philippa De Pass. Click the…
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  • Revive a dead ballpoint pen with these 2 simple tricks

    Whilst we would usually advocate stocking up on plenty of ballpoint pen refills to avoid this issue, these two simple tricks were so useful that we couldn't help but share them. In a nutshell, they will enable you to extend the life of your pen for that
    little bit longer and will hopefully get you out of some unfortunate binds! Method 1 - the lighter technique If your ballpoint pen refill is particularly new or hasn't be used that often, chances are that it isn't 'dead' at all, it's simply clogged…
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  • Why do Fountain Pens Leak at Higher Altitudes?

    There’s a popular misconception that fountain pens and aircraft simply do not get along. Whilst fountain pens (and indeed most rollerballs) are more prone to misbehaving in a pressured environment, there are some painless steps you can take to minimise
    the likelihood of that crisp, white shirt looking like an artist’s smock when you walk through the arrivals terminal. Before we get to that, let’s look at the science behind it. Why does it happen? Typically, passenger airliners fly at an altitude…
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  • Stationery Show 2012 Recap

    We recently exhibited at the Stationery Show, held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, north London. Described by the organisers as 'Fashion meets Function', we felt that we fit the bill and decided to showcase our latest pens and journals. The
    venue certainly matched the exhibition's slogan, with its huge mezzanine space, large ceiling and natural light throughout (unusual for an exhibition venue!) and the same could be said for many of the products on offer, reflecting the new lifestyle…
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