The most popular range from Waterman is undoubtedly the Hemisphere, owing to its elegant clean lines and affordable price. Its slimline barrel is also ideal for those with smaller hands, and is a popular choice for women. For those who prefer a chunkier pen to hold, the Expert fits the bill with its cigar shaped silhouette. The fountain pen also has a rather attractive gold plated nib with a two colour effect.

For a statement piece the Waterman Carene is a good choice with its smooth curves crafted to conjure up the sleek lines of a luxury yacht. Fountain pens all feature a beautiful 18k gold inlaid nib and come with a converter. If you prefer your design a little more angular, the Perspective was inspired by the geometry of the cityscape. It features nice touches of detail such as the ‘W’ on the clip and cap end, and engraving detail on the grip. At the very top end of the Waterman range we have the Exception, a distinguished pen with a sophisticated square profile. It is available in a slim or mid-sized barrel.