• How Stationery Obsessed Are You?

    Take our quick quiz and see how stationery obsessed you are. Are you a stationery addict or just a lover of good stationery? Does you collection overflow from drawers
    and pen pots or do you just have a few well chosen pieces? Please comment your points - we'd love to hear how you scored! And why you're so stationery obsessed! …
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  • Luxury Luggage

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    Travel season is upon us and you’ll be jetting off soon. Whether you’re on a luxury budget and heading to the most exclusive of resorts or you just want everyone to think you are, you’ll want your travel stationery collection to exude the air of opulence. We’ve
    selected our favourite pens and accessories to match the luxury lifestyle and give your holidays an extra touch of extravagance. Visconti Travel Inkwell Always have your favourite ink on hand, no matter how far you travel from civilisation.…
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  • Jazz Up Your Journal

    Summer is officially here and we’re thinking about our holidays and logging them for future reflection. A journal is the perfect way to keep track of everything you’ve done and keep it safe to remember forever. Whether you’re off somewhere hot, staying
    at home, or starting a journal for any other reason, you’ll want yours to really stand out. It’ll be easier to scan back through if you’ve made a feature of the pages and probably much more interesting too, but it can be hard to get those…
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  • The Nation’s Stationery Obsession Revealed

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    Colette Mellor The UK loves their stationery, it’s official! We can’t get enough of our pens, journals, ringbinders, post it notes, paperclips and much more. With brands and premium stationers reporting continual rise in sales (statistics reported
    by the Guardian here), and a trend towards traditional craft, we thought it was high time to get under the skin of our obsession. We launched a nationwide competition during April 2016, asking stationery lovers to complete the sentence “I love…
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  • Spring Brights - Freshen up your Stationery this Spring

    Spring is here and with the sun shining there is nothing like a flash of bold colour to lift your spirits. Staying on-trend this SS16, we proudly present, the spring brights: our finest colour palettes, full of vivid brights and milky pastel hues to give
    your stationery collection a fashionable makeover! Purple - the colour of imagination The colour of imagination, Purple is the optimal choice for creatives who want to kick-start the mind and get the artistic juices flowing. The shade also stimulates…
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  • I Love Stationery Because…

    To celebrate National Stationery Week starting 25th April, we are on a nationwide hunt to find Britain's biggest stationery obsessive. With comedian Sarah Millican and author Jill Mansell confessing to their love of stationery, and Peter Jones carrying
    his trusty Yard O Led Viceroy wherever he goes, it appears many of us Brits share this common admiration, with hardcore fans flocking to National Stationery Week in their droves every year. The Competition If you think you’re love for stationery…
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  • Top 10 stationery from the 80's & 90's

    image source: Pinterest With new technical gadgets introduced every month, we are taking a moment to celebrate truly iconic retro stationery by introducing a top ten list of the best items from the 80s and 90s from sweet-smelling rubbers to feather pens. 1.
    Parker pens - You wrote with PENS (shock horror!). More specifically? A Parker fountain pen. Owning a Parker was a sign of status in the 80s/90s; every cool kid had one and every other kid wanted one. Still a big-seller, we have a whole range…
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