Why it's important, the art of handwriting and more.
  • Signatures Exposed - May, Trump, Johnson, Merkel

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    Guest Post by Graphologist Martin Hastings Signatures are like the wax seals of yesterday.  They are our ‘brand’ that we put on letters and legal documents.  Signatures are a free personal mark, unbound by a need to be legible. In that sense,
    they are highly personal, and symbolic of the public image we present to the world.  It is fascinating to see how a signature differs from the handwriting itself.  Is the writer different in private compared to the image he wants to portray? That…
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  • Stay Motivated with the Help of Pen & Paper

    As January comes to an end, how many of those resolutions have already been dropped and/ or broken? With the excitement of the new year dwindling as normal practice resumes, Pen Heaven have put their finest nib to paper to offer some failsafe ways to
    stay motivated and on-track throughout the coming months.  Organise your time efficiently with a diary Grab a day-to-page diary and manage those busy days by breaking your time down into 1 hour segments. Ensure pressing tasks and emails are sent…
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  • Pen Behaviour; Chewer, Clicker, Twiddler...?

    Many say you can tell a lot about a person by the pen they carry, but did you know the way we use a pen can reveal subtle clues about our personality? fingers curled under the pen The hands are often accredited for holding the most information about
    our lives, so it comes as no surprise that our writing techniques and pen habits can provide insight into our psyche. Ahead of National Handwriting Day (23rd January), Pen Heaven have researched and observed our pen behaviour, revealing what it means…
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  • Writing for mindfulness

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    We love to celebrate the art of all things handwritten at Pen Heaven and have discovered that there is no better way to reconnect with your inner wisdom than through jotting down your thoughts and journaling. When it comes to stress relief and mental clarity,
    writing and mindfulness go hand in hand – both present the opportunity to clear the mind of thoughts and worries. Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation that has seen a surge of popularity in the past few years. It refers to a state…
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  • My First Pen Pal

    To celebrate all things handwritten, Pen Heaven decided to see if the beloved pen pal still exists in today’s tech driven world.  The perfect, age-old means of communication for getting to know someone, learning more about their culture and country, pen
    pals were also very popular in schools in the 60s thru to the 80s – it was a way of encouraging the art of handwriting, whilst developing reading skills and learning a new language. Catering to all ages and nationalities, we asked some long standing…
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  • Writing to the World - Toby Little's Story

    In June 2013, 5-year-old Toby Little was walking to school. Inspired by a children's book (A Letter to New Zealand, by Alison Hawes), he asked his Mum if he could write a letter to New Zealand, followed immediately by the question whether he could
    write a letter to every country in the world. Over the summer, Toby began writing - first to family friends, then to friends of friends, and finally to complete strangers, as the story of his project made it around the globe. Nearly three years later,…
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  • A Valentines Text Just Isn’t the Same

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    Can a Valentines text capture the same romantic gesture as a handwritten Valentines card? Can the digital replicate the romance of a handcrafted love note? At Pen Heaven we are always pondering the increased usage of digital communication at the expense
    of handwriting, and we believe both have their place. But when it comes to matters of the heart, the handwritten always wins. We asked some die hard romantics their opinion. The Anticipation  “I am a huge fan of the written word. I love stationary,…
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  • Christmas Card Etiquette

    Christmas is all about tradition and what better way to articulate your well wishes to your nearest and dearest over the holiday season than with a classic handwritten card. Having been the art of expression and celebration since its first use back in
    1843, the humble card holds a lot more substance than its modern day electronic counterparts. A personally versed card shows gratitude and friendship, it tells someone you care and are thinking of them and it can be hung on the tree or given pride of…
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  • Notes on Great Note-Taking

    Note taking is a vital life skill most of use throughout our lives, from school to university and work. Perhaps you have fond memories of brightly coloured highlighters, or not so fond ones of scribbling the few discernible words you could gather from your
    professor. Either way, notes are an essential tool in helping us make sense of the information we are presented with, which we can then remember at a later date. Good notes make utter sense when you return to them, with enough impact to be memorable.…
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  • Behind every successful person is a notebook full of ideas

    When it comes to giving out business tips, Richard Branson knows his stuff. And one of the founder of Virgin Group’s key recommendations is to use a notebook to keep track of goals, stay organised and jot down ideas. He says: “Anyone who aspires
    to lead a company must develop a habit of taking notes. I carry a notebook everywhere I go.” Pen Heaven’s Handwriting Matters campaign aims to highlight the importance of putting pen to paper and writing by hand. And it seems that writing in a…
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