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  • Once Upon a Time... A Pen Heaven Fairy Tale

    Help us write a magical fairy tale and make all our dreams come true... We've written the first line. Now we want you to help us finish the story. Pen Heaven Fairy Tale - Line One: "Once Upon a Time, there was a magical pen..." Each working day during
    the competition period we'll release the previous line of our story through our Twitter and Facebook pages. Handwrite the next line and send us your photo for a chance to win. This competition runs from Thursday 15th Feb in celebration of Tell a…
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  • Ideas for the Diary Nervous

    Yet another January has drawn to a close and as always the tattered remains of many a New Years Resolution lays by the wayside. For those of you whom wanted to start a diary or journal, but struggled with the execution, the time, the challenge of
    being insightful (despite the fact the journal is only for you to read and re-read), worry not. We’ve come up with some sure fire ways to help you get stuck in and make journaling a habit that will last a lifetime. Choosing a format There’s a few…
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