• Pen Behaviour; Chewer, Clicker, Twiddler...?

    Many say you can tell a lot about a person by the pen they carry, but did you know the way we use a pen can reveal subtle clues about our personality? fingers curled under the pen The hands are often accredited for holding the most information about
    our lives, so it comes as no surprise that our writing techniques and pen habits can provide insight into our psyche. Ahead of National Handwriting Day (23rd January), Pen Heaven have researched and observed our pen behaviour, revealing what it means…
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  • Writing for mindfulness

    We love to celebrate the art of all things handwritten at Pen Heaven and have discovered that there is no better way to reconnect with your inner wisdom than through jotting down your thoughts and journaling. When it comes to stress relief and mental clarity,
    writing and mindfulness go hand in hand – both present the opportunity to clear the mind of thoughts and worries. Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation that has seen a surge of popularity in the past few years. It refers to a state…
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  • My First Pen Pal

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    To celebrate all things handwritten, Pen Heaven decided to see if the beloved pen pal still exists in today’s tech driven world.  The perfect, age-old means of communication for getting to know someone, learning more about their culture and country, pen
    pals were also very popular in schools in the 60s thru to the 80s – it was a way of encouraging the art of handwriting, whilst developing reading skills and learning a new language. Catering to all ages and nationalities, we asked some long standing…
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  • The Greatest Pen Inventions of All Time

    The Reed Pen (4th Century) - The first citing of a pen dates back to the 4th century BC with the Ancient Egyptian scribes who would write hieroglyphics on papyrus. The Egyptians didn’t favour a Parker 51, but rather a “Reed Pen”, a single
    piece of reed pointed into a square and split at the point. Their Inflexible nibs became blunt quite quickly. The Feather Quill (9th Century) – they offered a softer and sharper nib than the reed, and looked utterly fabulous! The feather quill…
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  • Interview with Pen & Ink Fashion Illustrator: Adriana Deco

    What drew you into Fashion Illustration? When I first came across fashion illustration it was a very innovative form of art to me. I intuitively started to draw inspirations from fashion magazines while I was an exchange student in United States.
    Only later i found out there is actually a genre for it. I started practicing fashion illustration because I was so inspired by fashion editorials and I loved the magic and narrative. It was and still is a form of storytelling to me through commercial…
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  • Q&A with Ed Hutchings: Inside a Travel Writer's Journal

    We recently caught up with Travel Media Awards 2015 finalist and keen Ornithologist, Ed Hutchings, to find out what he journals whilst looking for his favourite raptor species. Ed is also a regular contributor to Birdwatch, Bird Watching, Discover Britain,
    Hertfordshire Life, Nature's Home, Nature Travel Network and The Telegraph, and is usually just one step away from another adventure. You travel a lot for work and pleasure, so must have plenty of top tips for keeping notes and capturing those…
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  • Inspired by the Rising Sun - The Platinum Kawaguchi

    What inspires the design of a new writing instrument? I suppose it’s true most pens are created to fulfil a function, but some are inspired by great works of art or perhaps an image of natural beauty. The story of how Japanese pen brand Platinum created
    their Kawaguchi pen caught our imagination, and we wanted to share it. The imperious Mt Fuji has been something of a muse to Platinum for a while, what with their 3776 being titled so because it is the height of the mountain in metres. Recently…
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  • Best Pens for Exams

    You’ve been revising for weeks and exam day has finally arrived. It would be such a tragedy if at the final hurdle you’re bothered by writers cramp, a scratchy/blotchy pen or everyone’s worse nightmare…..a leak of ink all over your paper!!!! We
    decided it was time for Pen Heaven to do their bit and recommend the best writing instruments for the job. Top tips for choosing an exam pen Make sure your pen meets the following criteria: Comfortable (for long periods of insane scribbling) Reliable…
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  • We Visit our Italian Calligraphy Factory

    Image courtsey of of www.oknavara.it First impressions of our feather quill dip pens are “Ye Old-Wolde” traditional England (think Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare). It is therefore quite surprising to know it is all made in Trecate, a little
    village outside of Milan. During our recent visit, we discovered a small workshop where everything was finished by hand, and we wanted to share these pictures with you.  The factory was established about 60 years ago by Franca’s father (Franca…
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  • The Nation’s Stationery Obsession Revealed

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    Colette Mellor The UK loves their stationery, it’s official! We can’t get enough of our pens, journals, ringbinders, post it notes, paperclips and much more. With brands and premium stationers reporting continual rise in sales (statistics reported
    by the Guardian here), and a trend towards traditional craft, we thought it was high time to get under the skin of our obsession. We launched a nationwide competition during April 2016, asking stationery lovers to complete the sentence “I love…
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