• Best Pens for Exams

    You’ve been revising for weeks and exam day has finally arrived. It would be such a tragedy if at the final hurdle you’re bothered by writers cramp, a scratchy/blotchy pen or everyone’s worse nightmare…..a leak of ink all over your paper!!!! We
    decided it was time for Pen Heaven to do their bit and recommend the best writing instruments for the job. Top tips for choosing an exam pen Make sure your pen meets the following criteria: Comfortable (for long periods of insane scribbling) Reliable…
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  • We Visit our Italian Calligraphy Factory

    Image courtsey of of www.oknavara.it First impressions of our feather quill dip pens are “Ye Old-Wolde” traditional England (think Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare). It is therefore quite surprising to know it is all made in Trecate, a little
    village outside of Milan. During our recent visit, we discovered a small workshop where everything was finished by hand, and we wanted to share these pictures with you.  The factory was established about 60 years ago by Franca’s father (Franca…
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  • The Nation’s Stationery Obsession Revealed

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    Colette Mellor The UK loves their stationery, it’s official! We can’t get enough of our pens, journals, ringbinders, post it notes, paperclips and much more. With brands and premium stationers reporting continual rise in sales (statistics reported by
    the Guardian here), and a trend towards traditional craft, we thought it was high time to get under the skin of our obsession. We launched a nationwide competition during April 2016, asking stationery lovers to complete the sentence “I love stationery…
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  • Winner of our "I Love Stationery Because..." Competition

    With nearly 100 entries into our "I love stationery because......." competition, it took much deliberation to decide a winner. We received poems, photos of stationery collections arranged into shapes, recollections of childhood memories and much more. And
    so, without further ado, our winner is Andrea Hewitt from Rainham, Essex. We felt her answer encapsulated the childhood nostalgia we have for stationery, and the pure enjoyment and wonder of stationery shopping. "I Love Stationery Because...........it’s…
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  • Writing to the World - Toby Little's Story

    In June 2013, 5-year-old Toby Little was walking to school. Inspired by a children's book (A Letter to New Zealand, by Alison Hawes), he asked his Mum if he could write a letter to New Zealand, followed immediately by the question whether he could write
    a letter to every country in the world. Over the summer, Toby began writing - first to family friends, then to friends of friends, and finally to complete strangers, as the story of his project made it around the globe. Nearly three years later,…
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  • Spring Brights - Freshen up your Stationery this Spring

    Spring is here and with the sun shining there is nothing like a flash of bold colour to lift your spirits. Staying on-trend this SS16, we proudly present, the spring brights: our finest colour palettes, full of vivid brights and milky pastel hues to give
    your stationery collection a fashionable makeover! Purple - the colour of imagination The colour of imagination, Purple is the optimal choice for creatives who want to kick-start the mind and get the artistic juices flowing. The shade also stimulates…
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  • Engrave Me: A Guide to Engraving Etiquette

    At Pen Heaven we specialise in engraving personalised messages onto pens. Around 60% off all pens we sell are engraved and on a daily basis we get enquiries asking what to engrave or how certain messages should be written. What can Pen Heaven engrave? "If you can
    type it into our engraving box, then we can engrave it!" If you can type it into our engraving box, then we can engrave it! It really is as simple as that. There is one small proviso though… it must be accepted and show in the basket details/confirmation…
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  • I Love Stationery Because…

    To celebrate National Stationery Week starting 25th April, we are on a nationwide hunt to find Britain's biggest stationery obsessive.  With comedian Sarah Millican and author Jill Mansell confessing to their love of stationery, and Peter Jones carrying
    his trusty Yard O Led Viceroy wherever he goes, it appears many of us Brits share this common admiration, with hardcore fans flocking to National Stationery Week in their droves every year.     The Competition If you think you’re love for…
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  • Raiders of the Lost Refill

    Here at Pen Heaven we handle questions on a daily basis regarding 'missing' refills and fitting the initial refill. It's something that a lot of people struggle with. So whether you're returning to pens after a long break, have chosen something different
    or you've just got a little stuck; you're not alone. We've created this step by step guide to some of the most common problems our customers experience; finding and fitting your refill and some things to look for if its just not working... I can't…
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  • Which Handbag Shall I Wear with My Pen?

    Whilst most ladies will decide which handbag to wear with their outfit, being pen addicts we like the idea of choosing a handbag to match the pen. So we have decided to put together some stylish combinations. "Having things written is good for putting
    things/ideas into perspective. Keeping a pen and notebook in your handbag is always a good idea. The attention to little details always count and the unique idea of matching your pen and notebook to your favourite handbag definitely gives a few extra…
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